Well Race


Well Race is an event in which the players have to swim to the top of a massive tower filled with water! The only hopes for survival is to manage to swim into the air pockets along the sides of the tower.

Built By kiakirbsee
Hosted/Non-Hosted Hosted
Warp Location "/warp wellrace"
Safe Yes (Unless you drown)
Uses War Plugin No

However it is a race, so be careful how often you stop for air or you will be passed by another play, but you can just as easily perish if you do not take the time to stop for air! There can be only one winner, whoever survives and is the first to reach the top of the tower.


  • No Donor Perks Allowed
    • No God Mode, Flying, Healing, Warping, Etc.
  • No Enchanted Items
  • No Potions


The prize will be waiting for the winner in a chest at the very top of the tower. The prize will usually be a variety of mob eggs and Experience Potions. If there are more players than normal playing and it seems to be a close match, the prize may be turned into something more valuable.

Picture of Well-Race when looking up from the bottom

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