Towny is a great plugin that is used on Chosencraft. Towny is a manager for a Resident-Town-Nation hierarchy. It also provides a block permission manager for a grid-like protection system, which prevents griefing. The grids are based off of minecraft chunks which are 16x16 plots. Each town has a mayor and the mayor has the option to create a nation and become king. A mayor and a king can create assistants to help them run their town, or nation.

Starting A Town

  • To start the fun you will have to put in some time and effort. It costs 20k to create a new town. The best method for making this money is going into the wilderness, mining, and then sell many of the ores that you find.
  • Once you have enough money you should scout the wilderness and find the area you wish to create your new town in.
  • Once you have found a nice area, type /town new (name of town).
  • Now you are a proud owner of your new town
  • If you wish to add town assistants you can type /town rank add (playername) assistant

Expanding Your Town

  • At first the town you create will only have 4 plots. In order to expand your town you will need to invite more players and increase the residents that live in your town.
  • You get 4 new plots per each resident you add.
  • In order to claim new plots, stand in them and type /town claim
    • If you are having trouble distinguising plot borders you can type /towny map which will help with plot guidlines
    • Another command is /res toggle plotborder which will create a puff of smoke that outlines a plot
  • A quick and essay way to get a lot of plots is to join a nation! Joining a nation will give a town a maximum of 280 bonus plots.


  • New residents will be looking for plots to build on. A plot is a 16x16 chunk from bedrock to the sky, that will protect whatever is build within its boundaries.
  • When claiming new plots for your town, they cost $1400. Once a new plot is claimed, you can't unclaim it.
    • You will need to have enough money in your town bank to claim new plots. You can deposit money into the bank by typing /town deposit (amount). Mayors can withdraw the money by typing /town withdraw (amount).
  • To plut a plot for sale type /plot fs (amount)
  • To have a resident claim the plot, they must stand in it and type /plot claim
    • Residents can allow their friends to build and destroy on their plot by typing /res friend add (playername)
  • You can also sell plots to players who live in other towns by setting your plot as an embassy. To do so type /plot set embassy
  • If a resident leaves the town and leaves items in their plot, you can ask a staff member to remove their private chests, and the rest is left to the mayor.


  • If you want to claim an area far away from your town, you can do so by claiming it as an outpost. To claim an outpost type /town claim outpost
  • The outpost will cost 60k to claim.
  • If residents want to teleport to the outpost, they have to type /town outpost


  • If you feel like you have accomplished everything within your town, you can always start a nation!
  • Buying a nation costs 300k. It also has a $350 daily upkeep.
    • Money has to be in your nation bank in order to pay the daily upkeep. You deposit money by typing /nation deposit (amount)
    • To withdraw money from the nation bank you can type /nation withdraw (amount)
  • As king you can add new towns to your nation by typing /nation add town (town name)
    • The more towns you add, the more bonus plots your nation will give out. The maximum plot bonus is 280 plots.

Towny is a great plugin that protects builds as well as enforces a strong community.If you need help with anything to do with towny just ask a staff member and they will be glad to help you out.

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