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Known for Howard Stern
Known to Shout "Baba Booey"

A Message From Seabase:

I've been on this server since its conception and I've stuck with it ever since. It came down to the point where I felt I put way to much time and effort to helping the server reach the point where it is today to just quit.

ChosenCraft Story

On December 31, 2011 Seabase applied for staff and, unknowingly, began a long and rocky road to the point where he is now. He was first promoted to Helper on his birthday and was one of the first three people to earn the Helper rank (along with Jasc and NordyAlex). He fulfilled his role for a few months, and then was in turn promoted to Moderator sometime in May. The Head-Admin at this time was JuggsXL, and Seabase could tell from the beginning that he wasn't a major proponent for his promotion. My first couple days as Moderator were not the best. Within the first hour, he had messed a command up and broke the server for 2 hours. During this time, he had become friends with Dannacus, Tayls, and Shawn and eventually would go onto refer them to the staff team. However, that's an enitrely different story that we're not going to get into right now! A couple days later he had a traumatic life experience that caused him to go "totally bonkers." One of the Mods told Juggs that he went insane; destroying and nuking the server. After this, he was promptly demoted to a Regular player.
Needless to say he was confused, pissed off, and frankly feeling hopeless. That day was his darkest,lowest low on ChosenCraft. However, Kia jumped to to his rescue and gave him the rank of Helper back. Any person would have been outraged at what happened, but not Seabase. He took it as an opportunity to prove himself, not only to JuggsXL, but to all of his opponents that he was better than the lies they were spreading about him. That day began a long, 9 month term as Helper. It was long, tiring, extremely frustrating, and began to take its toll, as Seabase realized that this might be his permanent spot in staff; a position that he did not wanna keep. Then, shortly before one of the biggest staff quitting sprees that ChosenCraft has ever experienced, Seabase recieved his chance. Here's Seabase describing exactly what happened:

Today, Seabase continues to help out and proves, time and time again, that he is an invaluable asset to ChosenCraft.

Real Life

Seabase's real name is Patrick and, as most of you know, he lives in NYC (specifically Queens). He has been born and raised in the city but, as well all know, is a redneck at heart. He loves NASCAR races, guns, and hunting. In fact for his birthday this year, his parents signed him up for an "NRA membership" and one of his friends signed me up for the American Redneck Society. He's now a card carrying member of both.


Seabase is a freshmen in high school at the "Academy for Careers in Television and Film" and being a director/producer is his life's dream. This kind of career may not seem like one that a person like him would have due to ADHD, which makes it a constant struggle to focus or do something for an extended period of time. However, overtime he has figured out a way to control it to the point where his hyperactive mind is able to come up with interesting and compelling stories that he hopes to one day share with the world, through film. He's already made a documentary of Times Square on New Year's Eve and filmed a couple short films that he is currently trying to enter in festivals.

Other then that he's a HUGE Howard Stern fan and actually got the opportunity meet with his roll-model in person. He got to sit in a private box with the show's very own "Wack-Packers" and even recieved a chance to talk with Howard during the tea break of an America's Got Talent taping.

Overall his 15 years of life have been really amazing and ChosenCraft has played an excellent an exciting role in it. He has found friends from across the country, some of which he has developed a strong friendship with. This experience has also helped him to develope skills to which allow him to handle many things under pressure, which will come in handy as a filmmaker. To sum it up, he has found a fun MineCraft server with a great community, that keeps him, a 15 year old with ADHD, interested in the game.

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