Built By Theo626 and Luke
Hosted/Non-Hosted Hosted
Warp Location "/Warp Parvp"
Safe No
Uses War Plugin Yes


Parvp is an original event from Chosencraft, thanks to its creator luke7359. It is called parvp due to the fact that it merges pvp with parkour abilities throughout the map. Players are encouraged to use the landscape and sides of building to parkour to please that are not easy to reach. There are hidden chests throughout the map that have items inside that will greatly help your team win the battle. The Main objective is to fight the enemy team and destroy all of their members until they run out of lives!


  • No donor perks
  • Do not bring items (we supply them)
  • Do not grief / build on the map


Similar to Castle Wars, This event lasts for a couple of rounds. The winning team will receive bottles O' experience as a prize.


Aerial view of the parvp island

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