Mob Arena
Built By Purefocus
Hosted/Non-Hosted Hosted
Warp Location "/Warp Mobarena"
Safe No
Uses War Plugin No


Mob Arena is one of the of the most requested events on this server! It requires a lot of time and players in order for this event to be hosted. The more players in the mob arena, the longer and more challenging it becomes. The players are put in an arena whilst the host spawns countless waves of mobs. The difficulty increases with each wave until there are only 3 victors!


  • No Donor Perks
  • No Logging Out
  • No Camping
  • We Are Not Responsible For Lost Items


MobArena is one of the rarest and most difficult events on this server, so the prizes are very valuable. Normally the players get to choose two out of the following:

  • Nether Star
  • Max Enchanted Item
  • Large Cash Prize

The victors also get to keep whatever loot they obtain throughout the Mob Arena.


Picture of the inside of Mob Arena

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