Castle Wars
Castle Wars
Built By Theo626
Hosted/Non-Hosted Hosted
Warp Location "/Warp cw"
Safe No
Uses War Plugin Yes


An epic battle between the red team and the blue team. Each team must defend their castle base while trying to destroy the opposite team's base. Both teams must rush to the center of the arena which is where the bomb is located. The player who grabs the arm will be unable to defend themselves, and if touched by an enemy will explode on sight. In order to win the round the team must successfully carry the bomb to the enemy spawn and blow up their castle.


  • No Donor Perks
  • Do not bring items. (We Supply Them)
  • Do not try to blow up your own base


This is a type of even in which multiple rounds are hosted at a time. The prizes for each round are usually bottles O' Experience as well as cake.


Image shows view of the Castle Wars map

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