Built By Shawn2489
Hosted/Non-Hosted Hosted
Warp Location "/Warp Battleship"
Safe Not at all
Uses War Plugin Yes


Battleships is a popular Minecraft minigame that we decided to bring to Chosencraft! When Shawn was an admin here, he took the liberty of creating the ships that are at war. Players can either use tnt cans to blow up the enemy ship, or board the enemy ship and blow it up manually. The main objective is simple: Destroy the enemy ship and its crew.


  • No donor perks
  • Do NOT Grief your own ship. It will automatically stop the event
  • Do not bring items (we supply them)


Similar to our other warzone events, the most common prize for each round is a cetain amount of Bottles O' Experience


Picture showing a portion of the battleship front

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